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Rulers indifferent to the poor: Siraj

LAHORE : Jamaat-e-Islami ameer Senator Sirajul Haq has alleged policies of the rulers suggest their hearts were harder than stones as they were not ready even to listen to the poor. He was speaking at a ceremony to administer oath to the newly appointed …Read more

JI to launch drive against price hikes after Eid Siraj

He said this campaign would be launched for the rights of the poor people Senator Haq said that in this campaign Lashing out at the government he said the rulers did not have a road map to resolve the economic crisis and they were busy in only
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Cultivating the culture of people power

It is therefore not surprising that Nigeria has the largest number of extremely poor people in the world protecting it and telling their rulers that power belongs to the people and are
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Siraj urges rulers to win hearts and minds of Baloch

QUETTA Jamaat-i-Islami JI Amir Siraj ul Haq has urged upon rulers to win hearts and minds of people of rich people as influential people in the country were in politics Poor cannot do politics since it is a money game he said
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Make govt legally morally responsible to the poor urges Harsh Mander

Delivering a lecture on Reclaiming The Idea of Government for The Poor as part of The Good Governance have been exploiting resources to favour industrialists how rulers have become so indifferent to poverty and wondered whether we truly understand
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PM says BNP indifferent to democracy

The BNP was established by a military ruler and thats why the party does not understand was also addressed by party Whip Abdus Shahid and central Organising Secretary Mesbah Uddin Siraj Earlier at noon Hasina arrived at Baralekha in a helicopter
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What If Climate Change and Rising Nationalism Both Had the Same Solution

Capitalism has killed millions out of cold indifference coupled with greed the emergence of class basically workers and rulers and 2 the co-option of those critical surpluses by the ruling class to spend on lavish lifestyles war and public
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