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Royal travel cost taxpayers £4.6million as Charles and Camilla spend £415000 on SINGLE trip to …

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall took part in the most expensive royal foreign trip of the last financial year – costing the taxpayer more …Read more

Royal travel cost taxpayers 46million as Charles and Camilla spend 415000 on SINGLE trip to Caribbean

Charles and Camilla flew on the official ministerial jet RAF Voyager to the Caribbean at the request of the Government and also made an historic visit to Cuba – a first by members of the royal family The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall took
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Furious pensioners call on licence fee payers to boycott BBC

The BBC claims that a lot of its travel arrangements have to be made last minute to accommodate its executives busy schedules But they keep some spending strictly under wraps They refuse to disclose how much it costs An estimated 46million
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BBC spends 290million on its online services – enough to pay for 19m licence fees for over-75s

John OConnell Chief Executive of the Taxpayers Alliance backed calls for the BBC to curb spending on salaries and self-promotion of over-75s of their free TV licences An estimated 46million households currently escape the 15450 annual charge
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