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Robert Downey Jr. Made $75 Million from Avengers: Endgame After It Broke Records: Report

Avengers: Endgame’s success at the box office made for an even bigger payday for star Robert Downey Jr. Downey, who made his 9th appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Endgame, has made $75 million now that the movie has found …Read more

Robert Downey Jr Made 75 Million from Avengers Endgame After It Broke Records Report

Downey who made his 9th appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Endgame has made 75 million now that the movie has found blockbuster success at the office according to a new report from Forbes The Iron Man actor had a salary of 20 million up
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Robert Downey Jr Stands to Make a Hefty Payday with

Robert Downey Jr is in on Avengers Endgame The 54-year-old actor made about 75 million in backend pay the percentage of a films profits once released after the release of 2018s Avengers Infinity War according to a report by The
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Robert Downey Jr will make more than 75 million from Avengers Endgame

Robert Downey Jr is set for a payday of more than 75 million nearly 575 million for his starring turn as Iron Man in Avengers Endgame has made 13 billion already since its release last Thursday breaking dozens of box office records and
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How Much Will Robert Downey Jr Earn from Avengers Endgame When All Is Done

But Robert Downey Jr work in Avengers Endgame since the movie is breaking records at the box office and is poised to become one of the highest-grossing movies ever As for his co-stars Scarlett Johansson is set to make around 20 million to star
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Marvel How Much Money Does The Avengers Cast Make From The Movies Report Has New Figures

The movie has made Endgames focus squarely on the original Avengers cast a new report has revealed how much money DisneyMarvel pays the casts biggest stars Starting with the biggest payday Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr earned 75 million
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Robert Downey Jr to Join Captain America 3 EXCLUSIVE

Robert Downey Jr new Avengers 4 film and beyond that will assemble new characters being introduced like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange among others in their own movies Downey who earned 50 million for The Avengers and a reported 75
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