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Review: Country Music Hopeful Hits All the Right Notes in Wild Rose

The first feature film written by Glasgow native Nicole Taylor (who boasts a strong resume in television), the film centers around Rose-Lynn Harman (Jessie Buckley, also now appearing in “Chernobyl”), her lifelong love of country music and her long-shot …Read more

Movie review Scottish love letter to American country music Wild Rose hits all the right notes

And its the reason the Glaswegian lass proclaims she loves good-old American country music But although can count on But all Rose-Lynn ever wanted is what Marion has withheld permission to dream big wild and free Wild Rose is about
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Review Bel Canto hits all the right notes with an impressive cast that features Julianne Moore

Swelling with humanity and romance like the crescendo of an aria Bel Canto is a moving meditation on the power of love music and proximity In an unnamed South American country American diva Roxanne Coss Moore with singing from Renee Fleming
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A Star Is Born Review Cooper Lady Gaga Hit All the Right Notes

Seamlessly integrating terrific original songs with Star for a right-now generation tired of watching blunt truth give way to softball fantasy The Oscar race has now officially begun His character Jackson Maine is a washed-up country rocker with
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Review Don Henley tries life in the country lane

But the concert focused on material from Henleys first foray into country music and his first solo album in of Life in the Fast Lane reminds you that all would not be serious if Don Henley ruled the world He waited until the end to address
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Eric Church performs at Fiserv without opening act steals show and stage

And to think hes doing this all over again for day two of his tour stop in Milwaukee is amazing It was the right move to start off how I didnt know the last three songs he played in a row And on a personal note I wish he had played Kill A Word
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Review South African music-drama Kanarie ably hits the high notes

its a surprise when he acts so by-the-book upon dutifully joining the Defense Force Church Choir aka the Kanaries a non-fighting chorale that tours the country inspiring soldiers through song No stranger to bullying the conflicted Johan keeps
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