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Reports of problems or dispute in exports to China false: Razzak Dawood

LAHORE: Prime Minister’s Advisor for Commerce, Textile, Industry and Production Abdul Razak Dawood on Saturday rubbished reports regarding problems or disputes in exporting to China, ARY News reported. Talking to media persons during his visit to an …Read more

Was Imrans visit to China a failure Dawn contributor

It has also declared that it will demand that China realign CPEC to the governments own goals and agenda These claims have been popular with the educated support base of the PTI and even seemingly sensible people have bought into it But the problem with
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China Pakistan and India

The Asia Times Online in a report datelined Bangalore why are there still so many problems along the Indian-Chinese border 4 Why if China was such a reliable friend of Pakistan did it refuse to bail out its economy and leave the civilian
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No panic over IMF bailout package Asad

The finance minister revealed that an economic support package had been finalised with China and more such successes would be available over the next two weeks perhaps a reference to the prime ministers recent visit to Qatar He said exports had
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India China vow to maintain peace along border

The life-threatening phenomenon of antibiotic resistance is no longer a prediction for the future but is happening right now across the world and can affect anyone anywhere WHOs first global report examining the issue today said
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Israelis in the US urge the Jewish community to take a closer look at Gaza

We are reaching out to you because we want to re-examine what it means to be pro-Israel or pro-Palestine says a public letter published by Israelis for a Sustainable Future We argue that these terms might be one and the same A group of
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Paris attack reveals limits of our free speech mantra

The problem surrounds the hypocrisy of advocating freedom of speech an uncharacteristically terse criticism when it said that We are greatly concerned by reports that human rights activist Raif Badawi will start facing the inhumane punishment of
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