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Reporter in Pakistan goes live from neck-deep floodwaters

A television journalist in Pakistan has sparked debate after conducting a live report from the middle of floodwaters reaching up to his neck. The journalist, Azadar Hussain, was reporting on recent flooding in the Kot Chatta region of central Pakistan for local …Read more

Immersive journalism Pak reporter in neck-deep water reports on flood situation

Photo video screengrab Islamabad Live reporting from the location does seem exciting but reporters go to extreme lengths to give an exact picture of the news This Pakistani reporter region of Pakistan by standing in neck-deep water
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Video showing Pak journalist standing neck deep in water to cover floods goes viral

a video showing a Pakistani journalist standing neck-deep in the water while delivering a live report on floods in countrys Punjab province has gone viral The video was posted by Pakistans GTV
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RUSH HOUR Ibis collides with woman on roller coaster

A weather reporter has raised the stakes while reporting on heavy rains embedding himself neck deep in dangerous floodwaters Azadar Hussain He was reporting from a town in the Punjab province of Pakistan In Kot Chattas Region of Jhakkar Imam
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Pani Pani Re Pakistani reporter stands in neck-deep water for in-depth flood coverage Watch

Like India Pakistan is also facing In the video Pakistani reporter from G-TV News can be seen standing in neck-deep muddy water while narrating the flood-like situation in the country While he is reporting live nothing but only his head and the
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Thousands flee flood in Pakistan India photos

JHANG Pakistan Raging monsoon floods across Her granddaughter was to be married in the coming days but the floodwaters swept her dowry away She appealed to the rescuers to go back to the village saying her grandson was stranded there
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Pakistan has more glaciers than almost anywhere on Earth But they are at risk

MIRAGRAM Pakistan With its neat stone walls and paths bountiful tomato and wheat fields and miniature sheep that graze right up to doorsteps this picturesque village has an air of timelessness But the 110 families who live here only have to glance
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