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Repertoire of the Arts

This was at the newly built, iconic, one-of-a-kind Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts—a concrete monolith, rising up and above the cultural hub of …Read more

Discovering Repertoire Level 2 | Class : Centre


Discovering Repertoire Level 2 | Class: Barre

Hong Kong Academy Performing Arts (Repertoire Ensemble) 2012

Repertoire of the Arts

Forty-eight years ago in a dusty windswept foyer I remember attending rehearsals with Barry John This was at the newly built iconic one-of-a-kind Shri Ram Centre for Performing Artsa concrete monolith rising up and above the cultural hub of Mandi
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The art of communicating nonverbally

Body language is the quintessential of ones repertoire of skills and something to be acquainted with when travelling to foreign lands Its about showing respect to the other culture Moreover remember that etiquette is always read by the other from
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Widening the repertoire of Kathak

Skilled in the discipline of Kathak renowned dance exponent and television personality Munmun Ahmed has many prestigious awards to her credit including the National Award by Shishu Academy for Kathak Dance 1980 UNESCO Cultural Award 2000 NHK Japan
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Lounge Art Trio Skillfully Renders Playful Repertoire

The horn trio is beginning to become as popular a jazz staple as the piano trio The difference of course is that the horn trio consists of a horn player–most often a saxophonist in recent recordings and appearances–with bass and drums That is with
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New RSNO season promises riot of repertoire

Sndergrds second season is a riot of repertoire themes soloists and the promise of more magic from an orchestra that hasnt sounded so fired up since the days of Neeme Jrvi or Sir Alexander Gibson Rather than simply continue Sndergrds
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How better to ring in 2019 than with the Mount Everest of the symphonic repertoire

This is the biggest mountain in the symphonic repertoire he says If theres a Mount Everest of classical music this is it Beethovens Ninth on New Years Eve Mon Dec 31 at 730 pm 13-52 Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox 1001 W
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