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Remember the travel ban? Nobody protests it anymore, but it's still ripping families apart

Within his first week of taking office, Trump issued the first of his travel bans, … The final version effectively barred all travel to the U.S. from five …Read more

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Michael Cohen Testifies Before Congress On Trump Campaign | NBC News

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Remember the travel ban Nobody protests it anymore but its still ripping families apart

Remember the travel ban The airport protests long ago died away the news crowded out by fresh outrages But its still very much in effect And its still pointlessly splitting families citizen doesnt cut it anymore at least not if you
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Enforcing the Law Doesnt Justify Separating Migrant Children from their Parents

The main justification for the Trump administration policy of forcibly separating immigrant children from their families is that it is supposedly and legal reform were politically infeasible that still would not be enough to justify family separation
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The canned tomatoes war and the conspiracy against consumers

Then over the summer of 2013-14 SPCA campaigned for a bailout package from the Federal Government Youll remember the political fight that ensued The young Abbott government refused SPCA a bailout but in the end the prematurely aging Victorian Napthine
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Can Democracy Withstand The Power of Big Money

This week on the JOURNAL Bill Moyers spoke with libertarian journalist Nick Gillespie and progressive legal scholar Lawrence Lessig about the impact of last months controversial Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations and unions to spend unlimited
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Cleveland police refuse to participate in Browns national anthem

Cleveland police officers had been preparing to hold a large American flag on the field while the national anthem was played before the Browns first regular-season game Now they wont because some Browns kneeled during the anthem before preseason
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The end of Medicare as we know it

In the process it became one of the countrys most revered institutions but to the Liberals it was still anathema public health was The theory is that if they or their families are genuinely sick they will be prepared to make the financial sacrifice
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