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Regional Chinese food: 8 lesser-known cuisines worth trying

Chinese food is as complex as the Chinese character "biang" — a 57-stroke character linked to biangbiang, a type of flat noodle from Shaanxi province …Read more

Regional Chinese food 8 lesser-known cuisines worth trying

CNN It doesnt make you any less of a gourmet if your favorite Chinese dishes are internationally loved classics like sweet and sour pork Kung Pao chicken and Peking duck But theres no
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Local Knowledge

Food DrinkA new weekly series Local Knowledge shines a light on the unassuming authentic Sydney restaurants that are worthy of appreciation beyond the neighbourhoods they serve First up Indian street food in Harris Park
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Chinese New Year is Tuesday Here are 8 restaurants to usher in the Year of the Pig

Chinese a porcine treat try the double-cooked bacon 1395 a mound of thin-sliced sauteed pork belly edged with a healthy layer of heat-soaked fat and tossed with leeks and tiny black beans 8 Roast pork tart Real Wok Lake Worth
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10 Old-Fashioned Chinese-American Restaurants to Try in NYC

The history of Chinese-American cuisine goes way way back to the mid-19th century The classic egg rolls bulging with cabbage and shreds of roast pork are worth trying the frying is impeccable Chow meins tend to be vegetable-heavy and non-greasy
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Love Indian food A cookbook challenges everything you know about the cuisine

She pays attention particularly to the lesser-known elements of regional the club food of jam tarts and pork chops in Kolkata Over the years communities such as the Chinese Tibetans and Parsis have also made their mark on Indian cuisine as seen
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This is what happens when fast-food restaurants go local

The McDonalds lobster roll is priced at 899 Its exciting to see a high demand for regional flavors at McDonald s Global Palates 2015 report some ethnic cuisines like Italian and Chinese are so much a part of the American diet they
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