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Rebel, radical, relic? Nadine Gordimer is out of fashion – we must keep reading her

Returning to his survey of the best short story writers of all time, Chris Power looks at Gordimer's long career documenting South African apartheid.Read more

Rebel radical relic Nadine Gordimer is out of fashion we must keep reading her

The problems of my country did not set me writing Nadine Gordimer Photograph Ulf AndersenGetty Images In 1975 Nadine Gordimer reflected that there are some stories I have gone on writing again and again all my life not so much
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Mining Nostalgia

THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN catalog and exhibit operates in a predictable fashion A museum commissions an artist The first entitled The Witwatersrand A Time and Tailings features Nadine Gordimers historical essay reminiscences really
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PARALLAX VIEW Just WHAT makes you eligible for the Nobel Prize for Literature

Gordimer was called a writer who through her magnificent epic writing has in the words of Alfred Nobel been of very great benefit to humanity Cop-out That sounds like a cop-out to me And Grass received the shortest citation in history
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RIP Select Literary Obituaries from 2015

Late in life she acknowledged to an interviewer that writing her memoir had taught her a painful lesson I came to see through my writing that no matter how hard we in the movement or Not this pig Reading that book was the birth of
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War and Peace Vintage Classics

I took Purity in one long gallop reading it over four days at my friends house Sarah had already read it and was desperate for me to hurry up and finish so we could talk about She took out her diamond studs leaving her ears bare
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