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Real Estate Matters: 7.30.19

And often times it takes a team of people to help bring a dream to fruition. And that teambuilding is the focus of this week's Real Estate Matters.Read more

Real-Estate Matters Transferring rental property to LLC not best option

Your tax preparer can help here Send questions to Real-Estate Matters 361 Park Ave Suite 200 Glencoe IL 60022 or contact author Ilyce Glink and lawyer Samuel Tamkin at wwwthinkglinkcom
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REAL ESTATE MATTERS Selling a home as-is does not eliminate your need to disclose defects

Q A large bank of windows in our home leaks from time to time We can have a very heavy rain or storm system move through our area and experience no leakage But a light rain can happen and we detect some leakage Weve spent about 3000 to have the
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Get the scoop on real estate market matters

Text MKT to 4699519588 for your digital copy of the Christie Cannon Teams Market Matters guide and as always call or text the Christie Cannon Team with all of your real estate needs Or visit them online at wwwcannonteamhomescom
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Mark D Graham Joins Hahn Hessen to Lead the Firms Real Estate Practice Group

The expertise of the Real Estate Practice Group is also called upon frequently in the Firms bankruptcy cases finance transactions and trust and estate matters Mr Graham has experience in a
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Real Matters Reports Third Quarter 2019 Financial Results

Full reports for Real real estate appraisals to the mortgage market and a leading independent provider of title and mortgage closing services in the US Established in 2004 Real Matters
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REAL ESTATE MATTERS You paid off your mortgage What happens to the promissory note

Your lender issued the release of lien and sent that document to the appropriate office that handles real estate records for filing or recording You should also have a statement from the bank showing that you no longer have a balance on the loan
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