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Real Estate Learning Academy Helping You Get Started.

Mary Gill host of Real Estate 101 got to sit down and talk with Judge Parker of Tap Academy real estate learning academy for rookie real estate agents …Read more

Should You Pay for an Expensive Real Estate Education Course?

Real Estate Principles #1 – Kevin Ward Real Estate Academy

Real Estate Principles #1 – Kevin Ward Real Estate Academy


Getting Into Real Estate 5 Steps to Become an Agent

You may also get to be your own boss meet and work with lots of people and enjoy the satisfaction of helping as a national real estate license so you must meet your states unique licensing requirements A good place to start your research is
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Self-made real estate millionaire How to get into real estate on a 40000 salary

Thanks to help real estate and he says that others can do the same You dont have to have a bunch of money to get started in the real estate world It really depends on surrounding yourself with a good mentor or mentors and you know learning
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Creativity is new key to real estate

Real estate are learning that buyers are not rushing immediately anymore to purchase their homes — unless its a highly desirable area of the city he said Brokers are stepping up their online marketing efforts Phillips website offers help for
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The Most Creative Ways To Find Real Estate Deals For Growing Investors

When I started investing in real estate 15 years ago I was your average broke college kid I didnt have a ton of money to put into marketing efforts to attract sellers so I could find properties so it was important to get creative Learning to invest in
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The 5 Most Important Technologies for Real Estate in 2019 and Beyond

Whether youre a real estate agent looking to sell more homes a landlord looking to get learning and ROI calculation Property investors and real estate agents need to know that theyre spending their time well and new technology may be able to help
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Building School Learn the art of construction at a top Brooklyn trade academy

You feel that at the school People care about you and what youre learning to get degrees at local colleges others go to architecture school Students can go to class during the day or at night Most like Rueda work a day job in the real estate
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