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Real Estate Illusionists

Many younger buyers today really don't want fixer-uppers, says stager Jonathan Miller, who founded Richmond-based Jsquared Interior Staging and …Read more


Jacob Williams ~23 Real Estate Artist! America's Got Talent

The Great Illusionists

The Illusionists 2 en Panamá

Real Estate Illusionists

Many younger buyers today really dont want fixer-uppers says stager Jonathan Miller who founded Richmond-based Jsquared Interior Staging and Design in 2011 They want homes to be move-in ready and pretty from the get-go so they can then enjoy their
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This Week in Celebrity Real Estate Houdini Gabor Hepburn

The Harlem townhouse of iconic illusionist Harry Houdini hit the market for 46 million and a historic Los Angeles estate that was once home to both Audrey Hepburn and Eva Gabor though not at the same time is available for nearly 14 million
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What the Property Brothers Want You to Know Before Buying That Fixer-Upper

What made you want to go into real estate and construction Drew Scott We were actors as kids and I continued in the entertainment industry as a director and Jonathan as an illusionist We loved being involved in production and in various creative
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Trump smothers his own military threats

Trump came to White House two and a half years ago from the bombastic world of New York real estate and the illusionist stage of reality TV But his apparent hopes that rhetoric and threats of military action would bully Americas adversaries into caving
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Illusionist David Copperfield buys Las Vegas Summerlin home for 175M

Clark County assessors office records show the famous illusionist bought a 31000-square-foot house instant connection with the homes style and its surroundings Real estate observers said though the deal might sprinkle more stardust on
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Casino Pier Carousel to be disassembled after 87 years

A controversial post-Superstorm Sandy land swap saw the Storino family hand off ownership of the carousel to the Borough of Seaside Heights in exchange for a little over an acre of beach real estate now Jersey Proud Illusionist David Copperfield
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