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Rand strengthens as markets await US Fed interest-rate decision

The rand was firmer against the dollar on Wednesday morning ahead of the US Federal Reserve’s interest-rate decision, amid speculation that the Fed will cut the rate for the first time in more than a decade. Markets have priced in 25 basis-point cut at today’s …Read more

David Bowman, "Alternative Reference Rates: SOFR, LIBOR, and Issues for Transitions"

The President Joins a Conversation on Poverty

The Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy

Not surprised by the level of market volatility: Rep. Barr

Rand strengthens as focus remains on US monetary policy

The rand by markets as it is considered an important indication of the state of the US economy Signs of the US economy stabilising will most likely complicate the Feds decision to cut interest rates Should speculation of a US interest-rate
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Asian Shares Higher Ahead of BOJ Decisions Aussie Index Hits Record High

Asia Pacific shares are trading higher early Tuesday as traders await the release of todays Bank of Japan policy and interest rate decisions and Wednesdays US Federal Reserves widely
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Key dollar index edges higher as investors await Fed decision

And theres the perception that the market off if Fed policy makers signal that the process of bringing the US benchmark interest rate back to a normal level will be gradual Higher interest rates typically cause a currency to strengthen because
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Excitement in financial markets as investors await Fed decision but what if Powell spoils the party

The latest Federal Reserve interest rate decision will be announced this evening where there is an air of euphoria and excitement in financial markets that the Federal Reserve will begin preparing investors for lower interest rates in the United States
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Rand firmer ahead of Fed decision on interest rates

The rand was firmer against the dollar on Tuesday morning as global markets await the US Federal Reserves decision on interest rates the economics are starting to show the need for an interest rate cut by the Fed TreasuryOne senior currency
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Excitement in Financial Markets as Investors Await Fed Decision But What if Powell Spoils the Party

The latest Federal Reserve interest rate decision will likes of the South African Rand Russian Ruble and even further afield the Mexican Peso US-China trade disputes have been a very long-winded movie for financial markets Think of it like a
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