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R29's Entertainment & Culture Picks For July

Welcome to July, my friends. There's a lot in store this month. Sure, the weather is looking jolly at the moment but don't let that stop you from indulging …Read more

Alysia Reiner On Sexual Harassment In Hollywood | Strong Opinions Loosely Held | RIOT

Arts and Entertainment Top Picks for the Week

The Grammy-nominated Louisiana native will be performing in the Railyard on Saturday as part of AMPs summer concert series Dopsie was born into the world of zydeco south Louisiana regional music that grew from Creole culture His father the late
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Chautauqua Institution balancing tradition and change

Judy Collins will open the popular entertainment season on Saturday and Diana Ross July 5 might heal the disappointment Do thank it for its contributions TOP PICKS BY WEEK People who write about culture for newspapers are not representative of
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Anchorman 2 revives cult classic but has Ron Burgundy sold out

But as Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues brings back a cult comedy classic which is a much more lavishly promoted release than the July 2004 film about the 1970s anchorman Made by Paramount Pictures for a budget of 50 million Anchorman
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Director X talks hip-hop evolution as YouTube Music launches in Canada

And Childish Gambinos latest video This is America has sparked a widespread conversation with its provocative messages about race US history and pop culture twittercomhashtagitsallheresrchashamprefsrctwsrc5Etfwitsallherea
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Memories the man

It was sometime last July when I visited the sets of Mayurakshi so many emotions coalesce in the relationship between Aryanil and his father How he picks up the glasses from his sleeping fathers hands how he dabs powder on his fathers body
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How to build a culture first organization one human being at a time

Culture Amps flagship community experience is our global conference Culture First Global which is held each summer in San Francisco This year on July 30th-31st more than 1300 people culture leaders will come together from around the world to
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