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Quantum Microphone Counts Sound “Particles”

Stanford physicists have developed a “quantum microphone” that can measure individual particles of sound, called phonons. The device could lead to smaller, efficient quantum computers that operate by manipulating sound rather than light. “We expect this …Read more

Physicists count sound particles with quantum microphone

Artists impression of an array of nanomechanical resonators designed to generate and trap sound particles or phonons The mechanical motions of the trapped phonons are sensed by a qubit detector which shifts its frequency depending on the number of
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This Quantum Microphone Can Listen to a Single Sound Particle

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a quantum microphone thats sensitive enough to measure the individual particles of sound known as phonons We expect this device
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Quantum microphone detects sound at the atomic level

The device could be the basis for more efficient quantum computers Researchers at Stanford have developed a quantum microphone which can detect the smallest known units of sound — packets which uses photons or particles of light as phonons
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Quantum interference in the service of information technology

Contemporary science medicine engineering and information technology demand efficient processing of datastill images sound count photons This allows one to precisely read the quantum
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Detecting a Single Unit of Sound

Even so they were only able to count with a precision of around seven phonons together with the possibility of measuring phonons without destroying them makes sound particles a unique contender for quantum computing applications
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Inside the High-Stakes Race to Make Quantum Computers Work

A quantum computer is not limited to this eitheror way of thinking Its memory is made up of quantum bits or qubitstiny particles doesnt sound like a lot but he explains its not so much the number of qubits that counts but their
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