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Putin gets warm reception from Trump, frosty handshake from May at G20

WATCH: U.S. President Donald Trump pointed his finger and told Russia's Vladimir Putin “Don't meddle in the election” during a meeting at the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, appearing to make light of a scandal that led to a two-year investigation into his …Read more

Putin gets warm reception from Trump frosty handshake from May at G20

Russias President Vladimir Putin used a series of talks with global leaders at the Group of 20 summit on Friday to strengthen old alliances and try to soothe tensions with rivals Putin used
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Trump the silverback Body language expert says showman tried to dominate G20 meeting with Putin

Meanwhile during British Prime Minister Theresa Mays meeting with Putin her demeanour suggested chilly sour distaste with a funereal look that is at odds with her pillar-box red suit A frosty Trump with a warm smile a robust handshake and
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G20 Obama gets frosty reception from Chinese hosts

The Chinese leader quickly latched on to ally Russias Vladimir Putin as the leaders walked through the vast G20 venue He also spoke with German Mr Obama was given a less than warm welcome as he stepped off Air Force One in Hangzhou after he urged
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Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have House of Cards-esque handshake at G20 summit that is eerily similar to Netflix drama

The powerful pair are expected to discuss hot topics such as the Syrian hugs Merkel at the start of the G20 meeting in GermanyCredit Getty Images Yet during his speech in Warsaw Trump openly criticised Putins regime saying it should cease its
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Putin North Korea to challenge Trump on second Europe trip

WARSAW POLANDUS President Donald Trump opens his two-nation European visit with what he expects to be a short but warm stop in Poland before he encounters what could be a frostier reception get to the front of a group photo opportunity Poland
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Trump and Putin meeting could help shape our world

The handshake But the meeting with Putin could also leave a bitter taste for Trump His hopes of a warm relationship with his Russian counterpart have been hit by a series of events that may make it politically impossible for the two leaders to
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