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PUBG Adds Parkour in Patch 30

Players will have a couple of new ways to get around in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds after Patch 30, which introduces parkour and a new vehicle, the BRDM-2, to the game. As with most patches, it also comes with a suite of bug fixes and other tweaks.Read more

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds patch 30 adds a new vehicle and parkour

The BRDM-2 doesnt have a problem with that at all Patch 30 also brings the Deagle to PUBG for the first time Based on the ostentatiously powerful Desert Eagle handgun developed by Magnum Research which is featured in just about every modern military
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PUBGs huge new patch adds an Apex Legends-style ping system

The latest patch is a big one and it adds in the oh-so-handy ping system from Apex Legends Patch 30 includes a host of new features This system opens up a host of previously inaccessible areas on PUBGs maps which means all new places to hide
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PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds latest update adds ledge grabbing and a ping system

Update 30 for battle royale to essentially parkour up structures easier than before by pressing the space bar Youll be able to grab the edges of anything 25 meters high or less As when vaulting was added developer PUBG Corp intends to tweak
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PUBG Test Server Update 30 Adds Deagle Ledge Grab – Patch Notes

PUBG Update 30 has landed on Test Servers offering one of the biggest feature-based and gameplay overhauls in quite some time Blast through enemies with the strength of the Deagle grab ledges and then master terrain with the BRDM-2 The patch notes
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Kick off summer celebrate Sky Zone Taylors new 9 attractions

The new adventure areas include Wipeout Warped Wall Zip Line Trapeze Swing Aerial Silks Parkour Blox Walk-in only Add an additional 30-minutes for only 5 30-minute add-on jumps
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PUBG update 30 released adds new weapon vehicle implements Ledge Grab refines gameplay more

PUBG Corporation has released a major new update for PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds that adds more refined gameplay mechanics As always Steam will download this latest patch the next time you launch its client and below you can find its complete
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