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PSP-3000 Repair Service Is Ending in Japan This September

Another one bites the dust. Sony have run out of stock that can be used to repair the parts of a PSP-3000. They officially announced on their website in a blog post that the PSP-3000 will no longer be eligible for after-sales services. In simpler words, press F, …Read more

Sony Will be Ending PSP-3000 Repairs in Japan Very Soon

Sony has announced that it will officially end repair services for the PSP-3000 model in Japan on September 30 2019 It definitely was nice that Sony has been offering repair service for this long but it still likely hurts that its ending
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PSP-3000 Repair Service Is Ending in Japan

Sony have run out of stock that can be used to repair after-sales service on Monday September 30 2019 Now this isnt to say youll never be able to play on a PSP-3000 again
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Sony Japan to End PS2 Repair Services

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan is going to end its repair service for the PS2 Any PS2 consoles that arrive at the service center in Iwata Japan after September 7 will not be repaired and presumably sent back Any owners of the sixth generation
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Sony ends PlayStation 2 service in Japan nearly two decades after release

Its the end of an era for Sony and the PlayStation 2 as the company has revealed that it will be ending its PS2 repair program in need to be received by September 7 Officially the PS2 was discontinued in Japan on December 28 2012 more
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Japans whaling – the end is nigh

Following the ruling by the International Court of Justice that Japans whaling in the Antarctic is illegal The next meeting of the International Whaling Commission will take place in September 2014 but any country applying for a scientific whaling
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Apple offer free repair to fix a serious issue on some iPhone 7 models

Apple is now offering free repair service to the models affected by this problem According to the company the iPhone 7 models affected by this issue were sold from September 2016 to February 2018 in United States Hong Kong Japan Macau and China
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