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PS5: Playstation 5 Release Date Confirmed

The Sony PS5 will soon be released and the PlayStation Console will be better, bigger and more powerful than any other PlayStations before it. No matter what you call it, PlayStation 5, PS5 or any other name, it is sure that the console is on its way. It is almost …Read more

PS5 games SHOCK First PlayStation 5 game release officially confirmed

The PS5 release date may be more than a year away Of course Microsoft and Sony have already confirmed backwards compatibility for the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett However Techlands comments suggest that Dying Light 2 will have a standalone release
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PS5 games all the games confirmed and expected on the PlayStation 5

Despite knowing we wont be seeing a PS5 release date before mid-2020 to both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 So without further ado weve gathered together this handy guide to all the PS5 games Sony has confirmed – and some that we expect
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PS5 Release date news and updates Console pre-orders go live in Sweden

Sony confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will feature a disk drive and some of the updates are pretty exciting The PS5 release date wont dampen our excitement Dont take our word for it Key architect of the next-gen console video game developer
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PS5 Price and release update Good news for PlayStation VR fans

From what we know about the PlayStation 5 the price looks set to be around 400 mark and the console itself will probably launch in late 2020 None of this has been confirmed by Sony will hear more about the PS5 release date but theres a good
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Sony PlayStation 5 specs release date and rumours update All you need to know about PS5

If youre after all the Sony PlayStation 5 specs rumours and confirmed details including a potential PS5 release date youve come to the right place Weve collated everything revealed about the PS5 so far So read on for information on the next step in
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PlayStation 5 Seemingly Confirmed For 2020 Release

AMD — the company providing the PS5s graphics chip and who has been working intimately with Sony on the next-gen PlayStation console — has seemingly confirmed that Sonys new console will release sometime during 2020 which is in-line with previous
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