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Primpy, Technically Reinventing the Experience of Fashion

Primpy is a simplified, sensible and tech-based fashion marketplace, tailored to the user and facilitated by the blockchain. We believe it's going to …Read more

Primpy Technically Reinventing the Experience of Fashion

Primpy is a simplified sensible and tech-based fashion marketplace tailored to the user and facilitated by the blockchain We believe its going to change the way well experience fashion e
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The Ultra-Chic Danish Label Reinventing Weatherproof Clothes and Accessories Within Fashion

At that point we didnt realize that it should be a whole concept but the idea of merging design and style with an outdoor technical product fascinated In the UK markets we are considered more as a fashion item more so than a functional
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FIT to Offer MFA in Fashion Design Beginning Fall 2017

FITs Fashion Design MFA centers on practice-based research and is open to students with varied experience in creative areas ranging The creative is the technical is the creative You cant separate them explained Farmer The more you understand
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How Istituto Maragoni Is Developing Made-in-Italy Culture In Miami While Practicing Sustainability

It will provide the brands high-profile and unique education model to top students throughout the US and Latin America complete with a unique cultural creative aesthetic and human experience the US and will reinvent the fashion industry of
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The 21 Best Designed Apps of 2015

Investors have taken notice of fashion in recent years its safe to assume that both applications will be a fairly different experience by the years end Technically Metamorphabet is a game but its certainly not out of place in the loosely
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Switzerlands top designers make a play for the global market

Swiss designers arent reinventing the wheel Instead theyre trying to perfect it At least thats the impression given by the 45 nominees for this years Design Prize Switzerland Designed by the Nose Design Experience firm for Swiss Federal Railways
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