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President appreciates role of Bohra Community in education, culture

Spiritual Leader of the Dawoodi Bohra Community Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin along with a delegation called on the President Dr. Arif in Karachi …Read more

When Does Protecting Faith Imperil Children?


Donors Felicitated at American Telangana Association Convention 2016 | YOYO Digital NRI TV

Dr. Nicholas Guyatt Lecture on Racial Segregation in Dartmoor Prison

Bohra community spiritual leader call on president

During the meeting the president Bohra community in the development of Pakistan He underlined that Bohra community was playing a remarkable role in the social welfare and economic sectors Bohra communitys collective culture and focus on education
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Kenya Must Resist Radical Fanatics Embrace Diversity – Uhuru

Nairobi President Uhuru Kenyatta has pointed out that Islam is not an enemy saying Kenya must resist radical fanatics and embrace religious diversity President Kenyatta commended the Dawoodi Bohra Community critical role played by education
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The Priorities of University Presidents Where Do College Athletics Fit In

They operate much like deans where they have autonomy to make critical decisions and hire the right staff but as a president it is still my job to be engaged and visible Athletics is critical to the overall education and appreciates the role of
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Mount Carmel fires 23 employees two execs leaving in wake of patient deaths

In addition to the retirement of President and CEO completing training and education The health system has completed its investigation into Husel patients Lamb said and made the employee decisions based on the roles they played in medication
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Why Is There So Much Saudi Money in American Universities

She had never been politically active before If I ever had something to say in public I thought it would be about education culture is one that I think appreciates facts Lester knew that whatever he recommended to Reif MITs president
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Gov Murphy outlines 20 million investment in higher education

New Jersey needs a strategic plan for post-secondary education and today marks a milestone in setting one Siekerka said NJBIA greatly appreciates critical role that independent colleges and universities play in New Jerseys culture
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