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PPP holds rallies against price hike, new taxes

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Peoples Party activists on Friday held protest demonstrations in Peshawar, Karak and Lakki Marwat against price hike and ‘tax-laden budget’ and demanded immediate withdrawal of additional taxes and steps to control inflation.Read more

Will another tax hike drive up fuel prices in California

Californians cant afford the higher gas prices that would result from this new tax increase against it Supporters of Wieckowskis bill believe the legislation has a much better chance this year than it would have had in the past Democrats
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Zimbabwe issues threats after price increases bans protests over new tax

HARARE Reuters – Zimbabwe police will ban planned protests by the labor movement against a new tax on money transfers partly blamed on a spike in prices a spokesman said Mnangagwa have been allowed to hold rallies in the capital while those for
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11 Common Questions About US Trade with China

By allowing individuals to trade they have greater access to different prices and qualities of goods A popular justification for the Administrations tariff strategy against China because of the use of purchasing power parity PPP exchange rates
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GATX Stock Gains 14 in a Year Whats Driving the Rally

The stock has gained 14 against the industrys 91 decline One-Year Price dividend hike came in January 2019 when the company raised its quarterly dividend by 45 to 46 cents per share Additionally GATXs board cleared a new share repurchase
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Russia Hints at Easing as Ruble Rally Helps Tame Inflation

In the end the tax hike didnt have as big an impact on prices new round of US sanctions abate sending the ruble up about 9 percent against the dollar this year Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell gave fresh impetus to a rally in emerging
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Has Trump Actually Done Anything About Drug Prices

The Congressional Budget Office projected that limiting rebates would not result in lower list prices and would actually increase to rally populist support around the problem of drug prices he could call attention to the fact that tax dollars are
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