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Post Balakot airstrikes, Pakistan changing its strategy: Intelligence report

NEW DELHI: Months after the Indian Air Force (IAF) launched a major airstrike inside Pakistan’s Balakot targeting terror training camps linked to Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), the inputs gathered by the intelligence agencies have indicated a shift in Islamabad’s …Read more

How The Balakot Strike Was Planned And Successfully Executed

Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale Makes An Official Statement On IAF Strike In PoK

Surgical Strike Confirmed by SP of Pakistan Police Ghulam Akbar | CNN News18 Sting Operation

U.S. airstrikes hit ISIS convoys

Balakot and after Pakistan intensifies information war against India

The developments after the Indias air strikes at Balakot reveal the importance given to the information warfare by Pakistan in its hybrid war against India and that the manipulated perceptions can change the narrative built on facts
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Mirages over Balakot Why Pakistan cannot defend its airspace

Balakot isnt the first time the IAF has used air power to expose Pakistans vulnerability in a straight contest -as opposed to terror strikes in which Islamabad enjoys a huge advantage According to a Strategy Page report during the 1999 Kargil War and
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Big Boost For Brand Modi As Saffron Party Sweeps The Nation

The BJP campaigned aggressively on the nationalism pitch and played up the recent Balakot air strikes against Pakistan as an example fundamental errors in campaign strategy One it played to Modis strength and its negative campaign only worked
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Odd military strike not enough to change Pakistan

The report was prepared in consultation with retired army and police officers It was submitted to the Congress this week and was made public Limited military action is part of an overall strategy to deal with Pakistan with the air strikes they
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Pakistan confronts US Afghan strategy

The US intelligence network within Pakistan in its Pashtun tribal tract that has borne the brunt of the US-led war As last Saturdays London Times report shows there will be all sorts of attempts to muddy the waters It suits the US strategy
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US military worlds single largest producer of GHG says study

The effects of climate change will soon be feeding political tensions and fueling mass migrations and refugee crises said the report Crawford has previously estimated that the budgetary costs of the post-911 wars including Homeland Security and U
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