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Polio Is Back in Pakistan: Public Health Watch

A region that has seen its share of suffering in recent decades is starting to see more. According to media reports, a polio outbreak that stretches across the shared border between Afghanistan and Pakistan continues to grow, despite renewed efforts to …Read more

ACTION ALERT WaPo Must Acknowledge CIA Role in Pakistan Polio Crisis

recent upsurge in polio in Pakistan on guns fear and fake newswhile ignoring the CIAs central role in the crisis entirely The editorial The World Is Close to Conquering Polio Humans Are Holding Us Back started off naming the
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Gunmen Kill Female Polio Vaccinator in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Police in Pakistan say opened fire at a polio team in a remote district on the Afghan border They described the conditions of the injured female health worker as critical The women were coming back from the field after
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Why Its So Hard To Wipe Out Polio In Pakistan

A Pakistani health worker administers the oral polio vaccine to a child during a campaign She shakes her head no That refusal of a health worker to go back to the front line also chips away at Pakistans ambitious goal of zero
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Vaccinations crucial as polio cases on rise overseas Mississippi health official says

IF NOT FATAL ILLNESSES 226 TO GO TO PUBLIC OR REQU Mississippi health leaders said the next big outbreak could be a disease not seen in the US in 40 years The states top doctor says polio cases are on the rise in Nigeria Pakistan and
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Pakistan and the Politics of Polio

Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only two countries left with polio cases All other countries have eradicated the virus Back in 2013 Amid the chaos bureaucrats and health officials are often transferred to new postings As a result the polio
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Pakistan had all but eliminated polio Then things went badly wrong

Millions of young children had been repeatedly inoculated and in March older ones were added in a final nationwide vaccine push to ensure that Pakistan one of only three countries where polio back years of effort to eliminate the virus health
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