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Polio eradication campaign loses ground

The global initiative to eradicate polio is badly stuck, battling the virus on two fronts. New figures show the wild polio virus remains entrenched in Afghanistan and in Pakistan, its other holdout, where cases are surging. In Africa, meanwhile, the vaccine itself is …Read more

Dedicate one month to stabilise population Health Minister

Let us work towards not losing any pregnant woman and child Citing the success of polio eradication programme he said it taught the government that desired results can be achieved by
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Polio programme remains right on track

Since poliovirus circulation is at its peak in parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KP Babar said special efforts are being made to battle the disease on ground polio eradication programme faced multiple challenges during the national polio immunization
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Wirth and Worthington With Polio Eradication Closer Than Ever Now Is No Time to Retrench

With this shortfall the initiative has had to cut campaign activities that will result in many more children falling victim to polio and losing ground on our progress That future is unacceptable If donors invest 2 billion in polio eradication now
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What the US could learn about vaccination from Nigeria

Working with international partners Nigerians have combated misinformation suspicion of vaccine science and religion-based boycotts to go from ground zero for polio unfinished business but the polio eradication campaign is continuing the good
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Nigeria The long crawl to polio eradication Op-Ed

Fourth and finally the Boko Haram insurgency became the Achilles heel in Nigerias long and delayed finish of the polio eradication race While we may have gained ground over our late immunisation activities but lose the big wars against other
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Polio vaccination drive was not cancelled says PMs adviser

A senior official associated with Pakistans polio eradication about the vaccine campaign with authorities saying dozens of polio workers were beaten stoned and harassed and one health clinic burned to the ground in the episodes wake
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