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Polimoda Wants to Ignite Your Fashion Career

Florentine fashion institution, Polimoda, continues to push the envelope as it appoints former Salvatore Ferragamo creative director Massimiliano …Read more

Marina Abramović | Polimoda Duets #1

Replenish! What Fashion Designers Don't Do At Work! Vlog #014

Welcome to My Fashion Design Life! Ep 1| HalimahNia ♥

Qool Qid: Esther Boller (Fashion Designer)

How To Change Careers According To 50 People Who Made A Pivot

With no design background he applied for and got into the Polimoda Fashion a career changer invest extra time and effort in crafting your career narrative so others can more easily to connect the dots between what you have done and what you want
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How To Tell An Interviewer A Little Bit About Yourself

For example I am a high-end fashion retailer or I am an website graphic visual designer At the end of the day people and companies want and Career Mentor with proven strategies designed to empower you to energise and ignite your career
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This Indore girl started up with just Rs 35 lakh in 2014 This year she will rake in Rs 100 cr in revenue

I was encouraged to pursue fashion she laughs Soon Nidhi enrolled for a one-year course in Fashion Buying and Merchandising at the Polimoda career graph becomes stagnant after starting a family Nidhi believes in the opposite Do it because
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The books that inspired 11 of the most successful women in the world

From Beyonc to Arianna Huffington see what books you should be reading to ignite your ambition of life including careers health and relationships Some of Winfreys other favourites The Seekers Guide Making Your Life a Spiritual Adventure
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Activewear for all shapes and ages

A lot of women out there are maybe not as confident as yet to express themselves that way but want to the fashion industry better than most having worked with luxury labels including Chanel Loewe and Prada across a 20-year career
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6 Steps To Finding Your Life Purpose By Looking For The Answers Within

When Sharon Kirstin life coach and bestselling author of The Answers Within quit her corporate career she left behind not only a hefty paycheck but also her identity She had been working at a hip fashion Step 6 Ignite Your Superpowers When
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