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Police start monitoring of Quetta hotels in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi police have started collecting details of all teashops and eateries running under the name Quetta hotel and cafe along with verification of their owners and employees on directions of regional police officer (RPO). Quetta hotel is …Read more

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Owners of Quetta hotels irked by police verification process

RAWALPINDI After the regional police officer RPO sought details of Quetta hotels and cafs along However the city police officer has said police were closely monitoring all such cafs and hotels If any illegal or criminal activity came
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Law enforcement meeting worried by new outlets

A high-level meeting of Special Branch Intelligence Bureau and City Police Office officials as well as the commissioner and other Rawalpindi Quetta Hotel and Caf Sources said that that law enforcement and intelligence agencies are monitoring
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In the name of jihad Traders pay millions in extortion

A couple of months after settling in Rawalpindi Jamil received a call from an unknown and end with death threats in case of refusal or tipping off the police The Express Tribune learnt that a trader recently shifted his business to Islamabad after
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PM House 13 other state buildings okayed for heritage commercial use

ISLAMABAD Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued directives to all governors chief ministers and federal ministers to start hotel by leasing it out to the private sector under the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa The Governor House in Quetta will
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Four Dead as Pakistani Radicals and Police Clash

Tens of thousands of police were deployed in cities across the country and an army spokesman said troops were also on standby But demonstrations in Islamabad Lahore and Rawalpindi Police in Quetta ordered foreigners to stay in their hotels but
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With one new polio case this year Pakistan not declaring victory yet

Travel Wise Those tiny hotel toiletry bottles are on their way out How the battle TSA officers are not a happy crew Canadas wildfire season is off to a ferocious start Pakistan has come agonizingly close to declaring victory over polio
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