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Police register double murder, encounter cases

LAHORE: Police registered cases of double murder and suspected police encounter separately on Sunday. A man allegedly shot dead his sister and niece over a property dispute in the limits of Factory Area police on Saturday night.He later shot at his eight-year-old nephew, Ahmad, when he made an effort to run for shelter.
Police added Ahmad also injured his other sister, Parveen Bibi, and fled.On hearing gunshots, the residents informed the police and Rescue 1122 officials who shifted the injured boy to a nearby hospital.According to the police, the suspect had a property dispute with his sister. A couple of days ago, Maqsood hurled threats to Nasreen of consequences for not handing over the property to him.After the incident, the police conducted a raid to arrest the suspect. Just as the police reached the site, the suspect opened fire at them.
In retaliation, police also fired back and killed the suspect and his brother, identified as Shahid. SHO Ateeq Dogar and four policemen were also injured during the encounter.They were rushed to a nearby hospital.At least, six people died while 988 others sustained injuries in 833 road accidents in the province during the last 24 hours.
As many as 550 seriously injured persons were shifted to different hospitals, while 432 with minor injuries were provided first-aid by Rescue 1122 officials.Data showed that 397 drivers, 23 juvenile drivers, 134 pedestrians and 457 passengers were among the victims of these accidents.According to the statistics, 216 accidents were reported in Lahore, affecting 233 persons placing the provincial capital on top of the list, followed by 90 in Faisalabad with 101 victims and Gujranwala at third with 59 accidents and 55 victims.As many as 672 motorcycles, 126 rickshaws, 100 cars, 45vans, 14 buses, 33 trucks and 85 other vehicles and slow-moving carts were involved in these accidents.

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