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POL prices remain unchanged for July

ISLAMABAD: In a bid to provide relief to the masses, the government has decided not to increase the prices of petroleum products for the month of July. “The existing price of June, 2019 will remain unchanged for the next month,” said a statement issued by …Read more

Petrol prices unchanged, diesel up 1 sen

Petrol prices up 4 sen, diesel unchanged

The price of petrol will remain unchanged this month

Petroleum Prices To Remain Unchanged For July 1

POL prices remain unchanged for July

ISLAMABAD In a bid to provide relief to the masses the government has decided not to increase the prices of petroleum products for the month of July The existing price of June 2019 will
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Indonesia keeps crude palm oil cocoa export taxes unchanged in July

Indonesias export taxes on crude palm oil will remain at zero for the month of July while export taxes for cocoa beans will stay at 5 according to Trade Ministry The ministry set July crude palm oil reference price CPO at 54245 per tonne
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California gas tax goes up July 1 but leaders say road repairs need even more money

California is poised to charge the highest taxes and fees on gas in the country when an increase kicks in July price of gas across California That will just edge out the 576 cents-per-gallon charged by Pennsylvania Washington state will remain
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Arla Foods amba confirms hold for July milk price

Arla Foods ambas on account price for conventional and organic milk for July 2019 will remain unchanged However this month it will be negatively impacted by a slight quarterly currency smoothing adjustment of 001 pence per litre When applied to the
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Colonial Williamsburg to increase admission pricing in July

For the first time in four years Colonial Williamsburg will increase its regular admission price next month the foundation announced Tuesday The new prices are effective July 8 the Summer Bounce Ticket remain unchanged
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Nonresidential Construction Input Prices Remain Unchanged in July

Nonresidential construction input prices were unchanged in July according to an Associated Builders and forces that have resulted in relative input price stability recently remain in place said Basu The global economy will post another
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