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Pokemon Masters leak reveals totally new way to battle

These changes, on top of the already confirmed real-time battle system, will mean Pokemon Masters brings an entirely new Pokemon experience. The Pokemon franchise has been built on a turn-based system throughout the game's history so the change is a …Read more

The Outer Worlds Shape Your Own Story Become The Games Villain If You Want

You play as someone who was supposed to be one of the first colonists but your ship is mysteriously lost along the way Apex Legends Season 2 Leaks New Character And Map Changes – GS News Update Apex Legends – Season 2 Battle Charge Gameplay Trailer
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How to train like a master and compete in Pokmon Sun Moon multiplayer battles

Theres a lot more to training than you need to complete the base game Effort Values and Individual Values natures power items choice items and berries battle a totally different Pokmon game waiting for you youll find a whole new way
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There are a lot of big releases coming our way throughout May a little water on the nearby Pokemon with literally no affect and it looks pretty hilarious and just like in the games totally useless in the midst of a battle When Detective Pikachu
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The biggest video game show of the year is about to kick off here are the 13 biggest games to keep an eye on

Whether youre a fan of Master Chief Pikachu Cloud Strife or Iron Man the video game industrys big annual event has something for you The big show E3 2019 kicks off on June 8 and its going to be jam-packed with major game reveals and major
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WIRED Binge-Watching Guide Star Wars Rebels

Keeping a few characters left over from the prequel trilogy and sprinkling in some cameos from the original films Star Wars Rebels was born Rise of the Old Masters The major villain of the first season is a new rank in the Empire Grand
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Most Anticipated Diverse YA Books of 2018

Earlier this week we listed our most anticipated YA novels band and winning the local Battle of the Bands with its first prize of a trip to New York City is his best shot But things keep getting in the way Small matters like the lack
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