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Poetry as films and Insta-stories

In its first year without a seed grant from the National Arts Council (NAC), the five-year-old festival, which runs from Friday to Sunday at The Arts House …Read more

It's Okay to Hate Insta Poetry & The Terrible by Yrsa Daley-Ward | Book Review

"Shayad Wo Pyaar Nahi"- Yahya Bootwala | Spill Poetry | Hindi Spoken Word

14 Amazing Instagram Tricks You Are Going to Love

Marshmello – Blocks (Official Music Video)

Poetry as films and Insta-stories

Turning poems into short films and having poets recite their works in an Instagram marathon are some of the ways Poetry Festival Singapore is pushing towards the metamorphosis that is its theme this year In its first year without a seed grant from the
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Main Stream India

From films and documentaries to music videos Her 10-minute breakfast time is peppered with WhatsApp forwards and Insta Stories She updates her own Snapchat and on the 40-minute commute to work she watches a web series on her phone alongside
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50 LGBTQ Black Women You Need To Know Because We Are Awesome

She also set up Olive Juice Films in 2011 as a production services company and existence at the height of hate crimes in SA and beyond Kai Davis writes poetry and performs her poetry all over America She is the artistic director of the Babel
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Una Healy has provided a masterclass in how to handle public break-ups – and how to say fk you in one picture

It was poetry And last week when photos emerged of her hand in Mental Health Day saw us all updating our Facebooks and Insta stories urging our friends and followers to reach out and talk to someone if theyre not feeling great but
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Has social media become a full-time job for teen girls

Even the videos teens put out via Insta Stories and Snapchat are no substitute what celebrities they follow on Instagram Ill follow poetry accounts and quote accounts or whatever Elina says adding that shes also a big fan of romcoms
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Pride 2019 Seven people who changed LGBT history

Harvey Milks life has been celebrated in a plethora of books and films including the award-winning Milk 2008 Lorde worked as a librarian for many years before she published her first volume of poetry First Cities in 1968 Her work covered
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