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Pitt vergleicht Weinstein mit Charles Manson

Er hat gerade einen Film zu bewerben. Da kann eine mutige Aussage schon mal genau den richtigen Wirbel provozieren. In einem Interview zieht Brad Pitt eine Parallele zwischen dem Hippie-Mörder Charles Manson und Filmproduzent Harvey Weinstein, …Read more

Pitt DiCaprio set to star in Tarantinos Manson film

Set in 1969 Los Angeles the project has become widely known as Tarantinos Charles Manson film Neither DiCaprio nor Pitt will be playing Manson however Tarantino says they will play a pair of struggling actors DiCaprio will appear as former Western
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Leonardo DiCaprio to star in Quentin Tarantinos Manson movie

After being courted for several months Leonardo DiCaprio will star in Quentin Tarantinos untitled Charles Manson movie sources confirmed Its the first pic that Tarantino is releasing without the Weinstein Company A group of investors led
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Bomber on Rolling Stone cover sparks outrage

And the magazine has had plenty of covers featuring people outside the realm of entertainment from President Obama to Charles Manson Putting criminals and alleged criminals on the covers of major magazines is justified if they are major news figures
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Fake news spreads six times faster on social media than the truth and reaches a larger audience

Co-author Deb Roy who runs MITs Laboratory for Social Machines and is a former chief media scientist at Twitter said her team was somewhere between surprised and stunned by the results These findings shed new light on fundamental aspects of
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Review Despite Samuel L Jackson this Shaft is down for the count

he sends as birthday or Christmas gifts Cut to 20-some years later when son JJ an MIT graduate shows up in Manhattan as a data analyst for the FBI an eager-for-action type constantly being lectured about knowing his place by his taciturn boss a
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Pamela Anderson remarries ex-husband Rick Salomon

Araya Diaz Getty Images for the Weinstein Co Bobbi Kristina Brown daughter of the late Whitney Houston has married Nick Gordon — or so she said on Twitter in January and tweeted that there would be a ceremony later in the year nickdgordon
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