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Pitbull attacks young girl, bites her face

MERSING: An 11-year-old girl suffered serious injuries to her face after she was bitten by a neighbour's dog in an incident at a home in Taman Makmur, Endau, here, on Thursday. Mersing district police chief Supt Cyril Edward Nuing said in the 7.30pm …Read more

Mom bites off dog's ear as it attacks her daughter

Attack by Her Own Pitbull Leaves Woman Lucky to be Alive

Pitbulls violently attack young girl

Man bites police dog

It took 9 days for Marissa Everett to make her mark in Portland Thorns history

Everett has always been a west coast girl From growing rankings and next face Houston on Saturday June 29 Lindsey Horan continues to make history wherever she goes The 25-year-old midfielder from Golden Colorado scored her first goal of her
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