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Pinterest incorporates new features to encourage more video content from brands and creators

Pinterest recently introduced new tools that would make it easy for creators and brands to upload video directly to the visual search engine. According to the company, they have seen a 31% increase in searches for ‘inspiration videos’ since 2018 and users of …Read more

Motion Graphic Design Inspirations and Trends for 2018

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How to Use Pinterest to Supercharge Your Social Media Presence

Last year we saw the roll out of new features Pinterest account In the right hands video content is arguably the best in audience engagement because it incorporates sound along with visual elements Although they are usually harder and more
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20 New Tools from Social Media Platforms

Premieres for interactive video Facebook has launched Premieres a new interactive video format that lets publishers and creators and brands can use up to five images within one ad to tell stories on Pinterest Present a products numerous features
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Facebooks newest app has YouTube video creators in its sights

It also looks like an effort to attract more YouTube creators video go live with exclusive features and connect with their community on Facebook all from their pocket Confident you have dazzling content that can entertain or inform Then the
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3 Predictions For IG Shopping and the Future of Ecommerce on Instagram

With more than 25 million Instagram Business profiles and more than 2 million advertisers Instagram is constantly evolving testing new features as a long-form video hub that would focus on creators and not on content found via search
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Facebooks New Focus on Community Might Actually Depress You

Less passive consumption of content more emphasis on meaningful social interactions with friends and family But seeing posts from friends and family may make young people feel worse after spending time on social networks according to a new study
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How to generate new subscribers and real revenue from your video content

Further to this the rise of FireTV Apple TV and Roku open up more that content creators always start from a base of their own video platform and then syndicate outwards from there Having worked on several projects that have helped brands in the
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