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Pierce T. Ramsey Sr., 93, Tuskegee Airman and founder of Ramsey Real Estate

Pierce T. Ramsey Sr., 93, of Wynnefield, a flight officer with the famed Tuskegee Airmen at the end of World War II who later founded his own real …Read more

Pierce Ted Ramsey 93 Tuskegee airman

As he would later discover that training would become part of the history of of Honor to the Tuskegee Airmen by President George W Bush in the nations capital Ramseys career began as a trainee in the Roberts Real Estate Co where he worked
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2016 All-Academic Team boys volleyball

Jacob Burton Sr 371 Aaron Cobb Jr 343 Cody Cox Jr 341 Hao-Yu Hsieh Sr 367 Douglas Lee Sr 407 Steven Oakes Jr 313 Dylan Ramsey Jr 393 Matthew Miller Jr 403 Austin Pierce Jr 345 Jacob Ahlstrom Sr
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Many Jefferson County employers have yet to file occupational tax data needed to calculate refunds with list

BIRMINGHAM Alabama — More than 60 percent of Jefferson County businesses have not provided the data needed to calculate worker refunds for Jefferson County occupational taxes in 2009 a list posted online today by a special master shows The special
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Indian Hills Baseball Seniors Leave Great Legacy

Considering you cant play baseball your whole life you have to cherish every moment of it Pierce plans to play baseball and major in history at Allegheny College Mahwah and mercy rule first-place Ramsey 17-7 after falling behind 7-3
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Death Is Sexier Than Sex to Ann Coulter

I never mix religion with politics but for Christs sake dont they know that Jesus was a Democrat And she is paid 30000 to speak to impressionable young minds who have no sense of history or nuance Earlier in the week I had sent an e-mail
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Jo Anne McKnights Points North and Semmes news May 21

Eighteen students made the club this year and they are Tyler Hope Brenden Stirm Marissa Freeman Megan Sullivan Brittany Weatherly Peyton Hayes Ramsey Moody since August 2009 for a school average of 939 percent on quizzes
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