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PIA takes notice of incident at Beijing Airport

Karachi – PIA management has taken strict notice of an incident where an aircraft emergency slide was activated at Beijing Airport on Friday. READ MORE: Bilawal vows to fight incompetent government on every front. PIA spokesman said that CEO PIA Air …Read more

Chief justice takes notice of GB tourism ministers misbehaviour at Islamabad airport

As per media reports the incident took place over a flight delay due to bad weather and the minister pushed the arrival incharge so hard that he stumbled observes the SC notice the airport floor and stumble Later that day the PIA spokesperson
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Mum begs staff to open plane door after baby passed out in the heat before take-off

The cabin crew were ordered not to open the door to the plane at Paris Airport Picture DRN They released a statement which said PIA has taken serious notice of the unfortunate incident that took place on PK750 The president and CEO Dr Musharraf
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Chinese airline staff misbehave with Indians Delhi takes up matter with Beijing

Beijing notice of external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj sources said Meanwhile China Eastern Airlines has denied the allegation saying that after checking related materials and the airport CCTV footage it found news reports about the incident
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Boeing Max 8 will continue to fly in US and Europe even as China Ethiopia ground it

ADDIS ABABA Ethiopia US officials expressed confidence Monday and to date we have not been provided data to draw any conclusions or take any actions The notice detailed training and technical changes made after the Lion Air crash
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How Do You Say Cheesecake Factory In Mandarin Behind the Scenes of Life in the Chinese Basketball Association

The countrys top league has professionalized over the years especially under the recent leadership of chairman Yao Ming and American talent is taking notice southwest of Beijing a hotel
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PIA leaves two coffins behind in New York

A man who was accompanying the body of his brother his ailing father and another brother who were awaiting in Lahore have left for New York to locate and take the Lahore airport PIA CEO Dr Musharraf Rasool Cyan has taken a serious notice of leaving
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