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Petrol to go up, diesel to come down in August – AA predicts

Overall, the fuel price picture looks better than it did earlier in the month, when trends were pointing to a possible price increase of more than 40 cents. "International oil prices have steadily trended upwards since the start of June, although there has been a …Read more

Petrol to go up diesel to come down in August – AA predicts

Johannesburg – Late month data from the Central Energy Fund is showing a mixed bag for motorists with a petrol set to go up slightly and diesel due for a decrease in August according to the Automobile Association The association is predicting a petrol
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AA predicts petrol price hike diesel price drop for August

According to the latest figures the AA forecast Fuel prices for August are set for changes with predictions that the petrol price would go up and the diesel price would come down
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Diesel and petrol ban – what you need to know

The market currently consists of both petrol and diesel hybrids so the fuels would live on in that form That said hybrids and electric cars make up a very small chunk premiums should – in theory – come down This is a question we posed to Shell
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Gas prices up will they go down

Gas prices have tended to bump up in the fall following a decline in prices over the summer said Janet Ray of AAA Washington It used to be that gas prices would go up in the spring reach a peak in the summer come down he predicts very high diesel
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Petrol Prices

The RAC predicts petrol across Europe has already led to a rise in UK petrol and diesel prices with more misery possibly to come the AA said On average UK petrol prices have risen from 13461p a litre in mid-June to 13578p now while diesel has
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How to find the cheapest petrol and diesel near you

Heres your complete guide to tracking down the cheapest petrol and diesel near you precious resource and if that dries up well so does Waze The ads can get irritating too but ads make the world go round Regardless its a handy first
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