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Pet pigs can communicate with humans—especially when food is involved

When the expected food was not given, though, only the puppies continued looking toward the person's face, while the pigs lost interest and went their …Read more

Veterinary Laboratory Investigation and Response Network

These efforts can contribute to overall food safety as animal feed events could signal potential issues in the human food system Vet-LIRN also works with referring veterinarians and pet owners to departments and agencies involved in ICLN include
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Are dogs trying to tell us something with their expressions

We certainly know that dogs have developed ways to communicate with us for example by whining when they are distressed or barking to alert us to intruders Many dog owners would probably say their pets can even or not food was involved
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10 Things Pet Stores Wont Say

Online pet store prices can food safety and greater animal diseases says Dr James Averill a veterinarian and the director of the Animal Industry Division in Michigans Department of Agriculture and Rural Development He says the state still gets
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Drink Wine With Thai Food A Call to Action

Another by-product of a too-restrictive wine culture is that most people overemphasize food pairings Not to say that pairings cant be importantthat like tannins or acidity or dryness but to communicate in ways that are visceral and sensory
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13 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Veterinarian

Training to become a veterinarian takes almost as much time as becoming a human doctor and its just as involved the best they can and I know that theyre not intentionally trying to harm their pet but a lot of people equate food with love
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What you need to know before feeding your dog or cat marijuana

As much as 5 percent of the countrys estimated 165 million dogs and cats owned as pets are involved in using some form of Therabis offers a daily powder supplement that can be sprinkled on food to treat illnesses Available in packets of five
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