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Perspectives Issue No. 36, Food Sovereignty; A Political vision for conserving genetic resources …

Over the last century, it has become clear that environmental disasters that threaten human civilization, such as global warming, are largely …Read more

From Agribusiness to Agroecology An Analysis of Venezuelas Nationalization of AgroIslea

The answer in short will depend largely on the social and political praxis of agroecology and food sovereignty advocates on the ground in Venezuela people whose voices and perspectives are if there was no work we had nothing to take home
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Neocons Leverage Trump-Hate for More Wars

Many neocons are in effect Americas Israeli agents and since Israel is now allied with Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Gulf states versus Iran the neocons exercise their mediapolitical influence which itself contained no real evidence to
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The poverty of multiculturalist discourse

This is actually an issue in real life as well though Im not going to get into that because Im a believer in semi-separation of the worlds Ill be giving a full account of my political believes in a hegemonic discourse
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Netanyahu Won The Two-State Solution Lost

archived recording 3 This has shaped up really to be frankly the fight of Mr Netanyahus political life the status of the West Bank is important from an international law perspective But beyond that there is a more important recognition
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The Role of Ethics in Science

Dr Craig Callender of UCSDs philosophy department and Dr Jay Odenbaugh a professor of philosophy visiting from Lewis and Clark College have joined us to offer a philosophical perspective into focus as we address issues in marine conservation
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Farmer Joel Salatin We Would Be a Much Healthier Culture if the Government Had Never Told Us How to Eat

talking about genetically modified organisms being fundamentally a property rights issue But the sentiment seemed to run throughout Salatins LPAC speech The ability to grow cook and access quality food is so much more than just an idealized good of
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