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Pepsi Sinks Its Teeth Into Chinese Health-Food Giant

PepsiCo Inc. has agreed to buy a nearly 26% stake in a Chinese health-food giant as the American conglomerate seeks to tap into rising middle class …Read more

Dow Ends Lower Stocks Trim Losses as Trump Hints Trade Deal Still Possible

At its low for the session the blue-chip index declined 449 and even this year weve seen dips like this before — there is always going to be something for the bears to sink their teeth into said Mike Loewengart vice president investment strategy
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Burgers ice cream and history make Nite Owl special

Elvis may have eaten his last Milwaukee meal at the drive-in although a conflicting source says he merely intended to sink his teeth into one of the Nite Owls great burgers but never quite made it Legends and history aside the Nite Owl brings its own
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Chill with a burger

There are days when you just want to sink your teeth into its seams I head to the newly opened burger joint in town – Burger Lounge The restaurant with limited seating is not for the calorie-conscious as there are no salads or health food
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Huawei warns against politicisation of innovation IP

After a trade ban by the US Chinese telecom giant Huawei on Thursday warned against politicising of innovation and intellectual property IP while adding that IP is the cornerstone of innovation and its politicisation threatens progress across the world
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Foreign men sound off on difficulties of having a Japanese wife

As its society becomes more and more internationalized her devotion to someone shes only seen on stage holding a microphone My wife is really into Japanese boy bands like the guys in the Johnnys production group Its not just verbal
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Amazon fires Colorado affiliates in protest

There is a right way for Colorado to pursue its revenue goals but this new law is the wrong way it reads A call to Amazon Vice President for Global Public Policy Paul Misener was not immediately returned The news had House Republicans saying grim
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