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Papa Roach scolds Trump with song lyrics on Twitter

The rock band is best known for their song "Last Resort." The band quoted tweeted the president using lyrics from the song. The tweet regarded the …Read more

Daddy 😢✨ 2017-08-06 [21:08]

Papa Roach Troll Donald Trump With Last Resort Lyrics

Papa Roach turn President Trumps tweets into the lyrics to Last Resort Twitter was won by the one and only Papa Roach last night Not by sharing a new song or video but by using their own lyrics to poke fun at the President Of The United States
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Papa Roach troll Donald Trumps all-caps tweet with their own song lyrics

CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES THIS IS MY LAST RESORT Papa Roach paparoach July 23 2018 Trumps tweet has been widely satirised with song lyrics one of the dominant forms this meme in particular is taking To Iranian President Rouhani NEVER EVER
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Twitter users mock Trumps all-caps tweet to Iranian President Rouhani

Twitter users are mocking President Trump following his all-caps tweet to Iranian I COULD TEACH YOU BUT I HAVE TO CHARGE The band Papa Roach turned to song lyrics too adding their own to the tweet To Iranian President Rouhani LOSING MY SIGHT
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Papa Roach Wins the Internet With Perfect Response to Paul Ryan Last Resort Meme

Also Read Paul Ryan and Papa Roachs Last Resort Twitter Loves a Story Too Funny To Be True This despite the fact that Last Resort is a notoriously dark song about depression whose lyrics include Cut my life into piecesthis is my last
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Paul Ryan wasnt drowning his sorrows in Papa Roach though the Internet wishes he were

Here is a compilation of teenagers singing the song Halperns Photoshopped s fabricated rockout to Papa Roach RoachGate pictwittercom40LAbYJGXh Papa Roach paparoach March 25 2017 More reading Donald Trump made it to the White House
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6 Songs That May or May Not Be About Covfefe

Below please find six songs 1 Papa Roach Last Resort With a hat-tip to the honorific Mountain Goats Papa Roachs alt-metal hit from 2000 could totally be about Trumps mysterious covfefe Like John Darnielle suggests those lyrics could
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