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Pakistanis pray for India win – and for a good reason

KARACHI: Given the hostilities between Pakistan and India that manifest themselves also as one of the greatest rivalries on a cricket ground, it is unusual for the fans of the Green Shirts to cheer for the Men in Blue. But this time around, Pakistanis are praying …Read more

Cricket World Cup 2019 Why Pakistan fans will be rooting for India against England

For thats when Pakistan fans will pray for their arch-rival India to beat England All for a good reason Pakistans thrilling win over New Zealand on Wednesday has made all cricket
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India vs Pakistan Fans in Manchester confident of India win pray for rain to stay away

We are hoping that it will not rain and we only want a win from is pretty good and will have a good match Team has to play as a unit as they are far better than Pakistan Rahul a cricket lover said outside the stadium India will take on
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ICC CWC19 Fans across the country pray for Indias win against Pakistan

Cricket lovers in Prayagraj offered prayers good form and consistent good performance Fans hoped for clear skies in Manchester so that they can enjoy the thrilling encounter Best of luck to team India they will definitely win against Pakistan
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World Cup 2019 India Set To Take On England Pakistan And Bangladesh Fans Pray For A Peculiar Reason Heres Why

In a very interesting scenario Pakistani and Bangladeshi fans are rooting for India to win against England on 30 June Both Bangladesh it is not just the Indian fans praying for a victory against the host nation but even Pakistan and Bangladesh fans
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Pakistan Fan Who Went Viral For His Rant After Indias Win Now Wants Shah Rukh Khan to Watch His Epic Video

Pakistan Fan Momin Saqib your team loses without putting up a good fight It hurts If they have lost I have every right to voice my concerns my opinion about how they lost and why they lost and what were the reasons behind it
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Old Traffords Theatre of Dreams the stage for India and Pakistan carnival

Usman Ditta from Manchester said Id love Pakistan to win but you have to appreciate good cricket One reason for the game being so important is that India and Pakistan don
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