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PAF to utilize all available resources to defend aerial frontiers of country: Air Chief

ISLAMABAD: Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan here on Wednesday said that Pakistan Air Force (PAF) will utilize all available resources to ensure operational readiness to safeguard aerial frontiers of the country, said a statement …Read more

Osinbajo to military Be ready to lay down your lives

This is the ultimate form of civic service to defend the territorial integrity of your country air strikes on Sambisa Forest further eliminating insurgents It is particularly commendable that you are adopting measures to ensure that the resources
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USPhilippines Partnership in the Cause of Maritime Defense

17 Philippine defense planning was focused on acquisition of essential naval and aerial materiel to protect the AFPs overall capability to defend the country against external threats in the maritime and air environment remains inadequate
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FDR outsmarts them all Henry Ford Joseph Kennedy Charles Lindbergh and the American entrance into World War II

The Battle of Britain should have been of enormous interest to Lindbergh who correctly predicted that aerial warfare would transform the way wars were fought even if his calculations about relative air strengths while all the Germans who jump are
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India and Pakistan the changing nature of conflict

They dont order a military push into Indian Punjab and Rajasthan they dont even attack Bombay High the most valuable Indian oil asset in the Arabian Sea and well within striking distance of the Pakistani Air Force Instead PAF planes fly all way
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Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader Game Time FAQWalkthrough

The goal is to answer all 11 questions without losing You have 30 seconds to answer each question and 90 seconds for the 1000000 question At any point during a question you can use a Drop Out button to finish the game with the prize amount you
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Shooting down a drone isnt so hard to do

His position has softened in more recent weeks but the PTI continues to emphasise coercive responses as evidenced by a resolution submitted to the National Assembly last month that urges the government to use military force if needed
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