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Pack Mentality: How Dog-Friendly Policies Might Improve Company Culture

Teodorovic said that allowing dogs in the office has positively impacted company culture at Rover as well as the productivity and happiness of …Read more

3 Signs that Your Companys a Dinosaur — and How to Evolve

Recently paleontologists excavated a set of fossils where a whole pack of predators and develop a culture centered on your values But its worth it to keep your company from getting comfortable with a mercenary mentality 3 Dinosaurs are Unchanging
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Surviving the disruptive business environment

Mr Chris Donnelly director of the Institute for Statecraft a policy and strategy organisations and tend to pack up and leave the company in a fossilised stage eventually resulting in a dearth of talent While it may not be possible for companies
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Routine Safety Audits Pay Dividends

Policy changes were promptly updated to enhance the vision of their safety program The company should be commended for its positive response and lets fix it mentality companys safety culture A routine safety audit by an independent auditor may
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Now thats a perk Seattle tech startup offers new parents the miracle of sleep

The whole white-dude frat-house mentality at a startup is not going to help Among the 700 founders surveyed by First Round Capital just 14 said their company has formal plans or policies to promote diversity and inclusion
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The greening of software

It uses a series of what-if scenarios to see what the effect of changes in capacity demand rising energy prices and cleaner fuel sources might a greener corporate culture through telecommuting thin-client architectures energy savings policies
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Laszlo Bock Just Google Him

People analytics helps Google process some 3 million applications annually to find the crme de la crme the quarter of 1 percent of candidates who eventually are hired for their skills aptitude and ability to fit into the companys culture
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