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PA passes huge suppl budget for FY 2018-19

LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly passed a huge supplementary budget for last fiscal year 2018-19 as the House rejected opposition’s cut motions against 40 supplementary demands for grants amounting to over Rs90 billion, approving all of them on Friday …Read more

MCG clears budget inflated figures draw sharp reactions

GURUGRAM MCG on Saturday passed a surplus budget for fiscal year 2018-19 with focus on infrastructure including flyovers water supply pipelines and storm water drains Also the budget has projected a total income of Rs 2290 crore with a major
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Prime Minister Imran Khan doesnt care for Pakistans socio-economic development

It is actually 6 higher than the outgoing fiscal year 2018-19 budget allocation remains well below the prescribed 4 of the GDP and poor education planning results in supply and demand
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Wringing out the penny-pinchers

During the first half of the fiscal year 2018-19 supply of entertainment programmes serials drama telefilms etc to be broadcasted in the television channels and online media like YouTube and Facebook said the finance minister in his budget
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A vibrant monetary sector

It inherited the growth maintained it quite well and passed it on to the from India by 24 percent The fiscal year 2018-19 was a special year as governments tenure completed in August and the 12th Plan began Budget discussion in the 11th
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The Health 202 Veterans health funding is first sticking point in potential government shutdown fight

Every stakeholder wants this program paid for in full yet Democrats want to lift previously set budget caps to pay for spending bills before the fiscal year ends on Sept 30 Absent a deal theyd have to pass incremental continuing resolutions
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Tijuana Is Overwhelmed by a Rush of Asylum-SeekersMany of Them Women With Children

Data from US Customs and Border Protection shows a 338 percent increase in the apprehension of family units at the border so far in fiscal year 2018-19 According to CBP can apply daily for asylum caused a huge bottleneck making families wait for
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