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Overheated: Jubilee Line tops London Tube temperature table

On the hottest afternoon of the year, London's warmest Tube line was the Jubilee – with temperatures in trains on the stretch between Bond Street and Baker Street reaching 33.4C, which corresponds to 92F. The reading is significantly above both the shade …Read more

William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin

Фарм ачивки на 25 СА / 790к Статик 1 тахион / Кольцо Тахиона [BNS] [КОРЕЯ]

Dragnet: Big Kill / Big Thank You / Big Boys

Google Home Vs Amazon Echo 45 Complex Questions 1 Clear Winner Updated

Google has come out on top in every one of my head-to Whats the status of the Jubilee line Echo didnt know Home produced a valiant effort by opening an app called Tube Status but after pausing for a period of time told me Tube Status
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London Olympics How did the Games do

It had set a minimum target of 48 medals for Great Britains athletes and a top London were bad because of all the changes to the way the traffic lights were phased Various rail lines suffered delays and suspensions including the Central line the
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Climate Control

Serving a wine at cellar temperature was likely to mean something in the 50s room temperature could be 65F in foggy London water in that overheated 17 by-the-glass Cabernet Naturally the target temperatures in the table come with
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Lords be praised

The food is on the table as the players return to the field One of the guests a Eurostar executive takes a call at the table Bombs he says Tube stations of the trouble in London Overland trains and the Jubilee Line are operating but the
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Prince Charless remarkable travel demands are revealed

For four months every year he lived in Scotland where he expected people to visit him from London the Tube you know he once told a friend after theyd returned from the theatre to Clarence House for dinner Yes but only to open a line
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Never prouder of anything

Their dugouts are like wonderful underground who sit in London clubs are thinking and helping about what we are doing here now I have never been prouder of anything except your love for me than I am being a Grenadier The line of Harrys rings
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