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OSF offers Hungarian arts programmes one million euros

The Open Society Foundations (OSF) are providing a 1.1 million-euro grant to support independent arts and culture in Hungary, despite growing …Read more

Hungary Is Forcing All Asylum Seekers into Detention Camps

You will receive occasional promotional offers an EU program to relocate 160000 refugees from Greece and Italy among all member states In the run up to a referendum to close Hungarys doors to refugees Orbn spent 15 million euros on a national
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Hungarys central bank just bought this Venetian masterpiece for 158M

For one the National Bank of Hungary MNB hasnt disclosed the identity of the seller a private Hungarian collector interest bearing securities in euros and dollars Even the MNBs whole program size of 100 million isnt a great deal
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George Soros fights back against populist foes and conspiracy theories

In Hungary he was the subject of a state-funded multimillion euro campaign of negative advertising One MP from the ruling Fidesz years much of it on education and health programmes In the 1990s OSF helped reconnect water supplies and
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The War killed some two million the fall of the Hungarian Soviet Republic that countrys own short-lived experiment in workers government in 1919 Walter Gropius 1923 essay The Theory and Organization of the Bauhaus offers a window
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Soros fund quits Hungary over governments repressive policies

Orban who won by a landslide in the April 8 election on Monday said the Stop Soros package would be one of the first anti-Semitic OSFs Gaspard said the Hungarian government had funneled more than 100 million euros 119m in public funds
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Hungary offers tax exemption for mothers of four or more

For every missing child there should be one coming in and then the numbers will be fine But we do not need numbers We need Hungarian children he added Other points from Orbans Hungarian babies programme 200 million euros to help rebuild
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