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Opposition cries foul after passage of triple talaq bill

After the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) successfully passed the triple talaq bill in the Upper House, the Opposition accused the government of cheating them and bulldozing the contentious bill. The Opposition were left red-faced when though they are in a …Read more

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Lok Sabha criminalises triple talaq Opposition cries foul

Nod to Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill New Delhi Despite strong criticism from the Opposition over the criminalisation directed a person to take back his wife after he had given triple talaq to her Similarly the All India
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Parliament passes Triple Talaq Bill set to become law

The passage Oppositions main objection to the Bill was declaration of talaq as a cognizable offence attracting up to three years imprisonment with a fine Speaker after speaker referred to it saying that a Muslim woman who has been given triple
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Par approves Triple talaq bill after govt clears RS hurdle

The passage of Leader of the Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad said the opposition has been forced to vote against the bill after the government did not accept their demand to send it to a select committee and make triple talaq a civil offence
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Parliament proceedings Rajya Sabha passes triple talaq Bill

Rajya Sabha has passed the triple talaq Bill Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad says the Bill is a misnomer The Bill claims to protect Muslim women but the idea is to destruct Muslim families He claims the Bill is reintroduced after cosmetic
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Rajya Sabha clears Triple Talaq bill makes instant divorce a criminal offence

The bill will replace an ordinance promulgated on February 21 to the same effect Hailing the passage triple talaq he said Azad said the opposition has been forced to vote against the bill
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Opposition can have its say the govt will have its way

For instance last Friday was the third time that Lok Sabha considered and passed the instant triple talaq Bill but on two previous occasions it failed to get it past the Rajya Sabha This time around after The Opposition is crying hoarse that
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