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Oppo unveils phone that's basically just a slab of glass

Remember when everyone got worked up about the notch on the iPhone? Since then we've had pop-up cameras, folding phones and rollable screens all with the idea of making the actual gadget itself disappear into one single screen. Tech companies are …Read more

Oppo unveils phone thats basically just a slab of glass

Tech companies are trying to get us to a point where the phone itself is just glass on either side with the content literally falling off the edges Yknow like a waterfall Apparently
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Essential Phone PH-1

The Essential Phone PH-1 the first device from Android founder Andy Rubins new startup reminds me a little of OnePlus phones and a little of Apples original iPhone Like the OnePlus lineup it has flagship specs at a potentially killer price at least
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Our editors talk MWC 2019 highlights

Foldable phones might be gimmick right now it can be a precursor to other form factors that break away from the glass sandwich or glass slab that weve been seeing for years I also have to give credit to LG for taking two risks Hand
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Has Windows 10 Mobile and Lumia 950XL got it right Mostly

But this phone app has gone further than any I have seen integrating multiple sources social Facebook Twitter Skype and more as if they are just contact by Gorilla Glass 4 It has Nokias ClearBlack technology basically a glare reducing
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Antiques Roadshow flower valued at 1million and were utterly speechless

Ansel Elgort confirms he has seen a script for Baby Driver 2 Oppo unveils phone thats basically just a slab of glass Rock Your Ugly photo series shares the raw stories of peoples insecurities
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Motorola Moto Z3

The Z3 on Verizon is a slim metal slab with a shimmery glass back It measures 62 by 30 by 027 inches HWD and weighs 55 ounces Its a little thicker and heavier than last years phone 61 by all of these handoffs basically comes down to
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